Why we’re different

Why we're differentWhile most massage offices offer treatments that make you feel good temporarily, medical therapeutic massages at Balance Orlando in Orlando, Florida are designed to address the underlying causes of pain. Our goal is to make you healthier, whether you are suffering from sciatica, lordosis, a sports injury, scoliosis, TMJ disorder, migraines, or any other ailment.

When you call us to schedule your appointment (407-704-8867), you can ask the receptionist about individual therapist’s strengths to make sure we find the right person to give you exactly the massage you need. You can also learn about each therapist’s background and expertise by clicking here.

Your first session will include a consultation and initial treatment. By the end of your session, you and the therapist will have identified your issues and developed a treatment plan. 

Because our therapists have more extensive training than your average massage therapist, they masterfully blend different techniques and styles for a truly healing experience. You can ask for specific techniques, or you can entrust the choice of modalities to the therapist.

Here’s how our patients describe our therapists:

“kind and professional”



“the best ever”

“encouraging and affirming”


“accommodating of my situation”

This feedback is no accident. Our therapists are carefully selected: Balance Orlando’s high standards mean only the most educated, talented and empathetic massage therapists in Orlando are part of our team.

If you’ve been suffering from pain, if your full range of mobility has been impaired, or if you’ve been looking for a better massage than the ones you’ve been getting, call our office at 407-704-8867. If you prefer to book online, set up your free account with our online scheduler, Mind Body Online*, and schedule an appointment for a $75 Consultation and Tryout (C&T). In one session, you’ll discover that medical massage therapy at Balance Orlando is the best healthcare option to treat your pain.

*Existing clients: To avoid creating a duplicate account in Mind Body Online, click “need new password” and follow the steps to create a password that will enable you to access your existing account.