Why Try Myofascial Release?

diagram of bone muscles fibers
If you haven’t gotten results, or you’ve even gotten worse from deep tissue massage treatments and neuromuscular therapy, try working with myofascial techniques.
Balance Orlando therapists on staff are trained working with myofascial techniques, and have studied with Lu (owner) and other experts on mobilization techniques that are more active.
For new clients at Balance Orlando, we have our “Consultation & Tryout” for only $75 where you choose an experienced therapist for the first time with an introductory price.
Here are a few symptoms to look out for:
If your fascia is inflamed, tight or uneven, you’ll know it. You’ll feel it. Ask yourself if you are experiencing these symptoms:
S – sensitivity: Tender areas are the most easily recognizable symptom.
T – tissue texture change: Tissue texture changes may include edema, fibrosis, atrophy, rigidity, or hypertonicity of musculature.
A – asymmetry: There may be asymmetry in the bones, muscles, or joints.
R – restriction: There may be a “restrictive barrier” related to the musculoskeletal structure in question. The “anatomic barrier” describes how far the arm can be pushed or pulled by an outside force before the arm becomes physically injured.
Myofascial massage techniques are aimed at resolving problems, not just managing them constantly. What delights us the most is receiving referrals from clients who said “I only had to get one treatment and I felt wonderful!” 
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To learn more about Myofascial Release, visit our dedicated page by clicking here!

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