Welcome To Our New Website. We’re Glad You’re Here.


Welcome to our new website. We’re glad you’re here!

At Balance Orlando, we’ve always placed a priority on good, clear information. For the last seven years I’ve been posting my thoughts on massage therapy, bodywork, and wellness in general. This is not just about getting you in the door at Balance: I want you to have less pain and feel good, and I’d like you to be in charge of your health care, even if you never walk into our studio.

We’ve posted so much content, in fact, that our website got unruly. There was too much information to share, and articles were getting buried in layers of web pages. Our site felt heavy and difficult to navigate.

One of the most significant issues was that my blog, where most of our latest content lives, was was very hard to find. You had to click “Meet Lu Mueller-Kaul” in the sidebar, then scroll down and click “Lu’s Blog” in another sidebar. Typically, our readers had to come to the blog through our social media posts and newsletter rather than finding it on our top navigation bar (it’s there now…click the “Wisdom & Advice” tab).

Last year, we embarked on a major project: redesigning our website to make it organized, clean and straightforward, not unlike the alignment and functionality we help your body achieve. Our thought was, “Can’t our website follow the same mission we have for our clients?”

Of course it can! Take some time to poke around our new site, and you’ll discover a place that keeps you up to date on our practice, brings you into our community, and explains our treatments in a way that relates to your needs.

Now that our site is a more accurate reflection of our practice, we can serve you better. Our treatment and membership pricing models are clearly defined. Managing your appointments digitally could not be easier. Connecting with Balance Orlando is going to be better than ever.

And if you ever have a problem: just let us know!

Warm regards,

Lu Mueller-Kaul and the whole team at Balance


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One Response

    • February 24, 2016

    Thankyou for posting Lu! Good luck with your massage business in Orlando! Its good to always keep your clients updated with good info. You seem to be doing that! :)

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