Try a New Massage Therapist at Balance Orlando

Massage Therapist Sign for Balance Orlando Edgewater College Park Florida

Try a new massage therapist for only $45 at our College Park, FL location, open 7 days a week. 

Those who are looking to address specific issues, such as pain, flexibility, posture, or low energy, will seek out bodywork. Most therapists will combine both massage and bodywork techniques to address their client’s needs. Once the client expresses their goals for the session, the therapist will use the technique to serve those needs. Some popular modalities are the Reiki method and the Rolfing treatment. 
Jim Craft, Owner, Comfort Craft(tables) – Balance Orlando has 3 electric tables that assist to stretch the body properly.
Call now to schedule (407) 704-8867
With this offer you will get a free body evaluation and consultation that is focused to guide you down the path to better health. At the end of the consultation, a hands-on massage will be focused in helping your immediate concerns. The goal is to evaluate and give you some relief in the first treatment, and give you advice on follow-up treatments and self-care.
Orlando has taken advantage of this offer and has spoken up in the form of online reviews. Check them out on Yelp and Google and then schedule your new therapist at Balance Orlando today!
“Bodywork is more than massage”
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