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What Our Clients Say

  • They are great!!!!! I've been looking for a body works place like this for a while and l'm so glad I stumbled upon Balance Orlando! They were even able to get me in the same day for severe pinched nerve pain in my shoulder. Tony was my therapist and he did an excellent job identifying where my shoulder pain was coming from and even gave me a couple tips I hadn't heard before. There is a reason they have so many good reviews, highly recommend!!!

    -Courtney L.

  • I was recommended to visit Balance Orlando by a prior customer of theirs. I am a severe case. Lower back pain and severe stiffness in legs as well. I use a walker to get around now. Doctors (9 specialists in total) can not find the cause. My first 30 min appointment was yesterday and had Sarah as my therapist. She was so kind and got right to the point. She gave me a lymphatic drainage of the spine (which I have never heard of). NOBODY has worked in my spine like she did. I am feeling a bit of pressure relief in my lower extremities. A relief I haven't felt in months. I am looking forward to continue with Sarah for my weekly 60 min sessions I set up. More doctors should know about this treatment. Spread the word. Balance Orlando ... I recommend them to everyone. Thank you again

    -Vicki Stokes

  • I just wanted to write this review to let everyone know this location is one of the best places I have ever been to regarding massages. I am not getting technical but I was suffering from severe back pain and possibly sciatica due to a car accident and my therapist Mimi was beyond helpful. She is and is continuing to give me much needed relief to bring my quality of life back up again. Mimi is an expert at different techniques on each part of the body, and I cannot thank her enough. I wish I had only known about Balance Orlando sooner, and I'm sure the other therapists are great, I have not been to any others besides Mimi but I highly recommend this location.

    -Denis Laren

  • Receptionist was awesome. Therapist was on time and was very helpful in getting out all the aches and pains.

    -Sundeep R.

  • Your service, professionalism, and skills continue to impress! I saw Tony last night and received the perfect massage for the tendinitis I am experiencing in my left arm/hand. He is a talented therapist and his gentle care is appreciated. Your team is great! Reception always greets me warmly and rooms are clean and neat.

    -Alicia Culp

  • I was in constant pain in my arm, and that's gone! Tony said it would be "done in 3 sessions" and it was done in 3!

    -Gwen Reed

  • The receptionist was very friendly. Registration and check out were very efficient. Tony did an excellent job and relieved a great deal of my pain. He also recommended other practitioners that specialize in other things that could of benefit to me. Thank you so much for helping me to feel better and move better!

    -Wendy K.

  • I recently had a knee replacement and have been experiencing lower back pain as I rehab. While in town on vacation, I had a massage from Flower. Wow!!!! Great relief from pain and swelling. I only wish I lived here so I could follow up with her on a regular basis. Quirky location in an adorable section of Orlando. Facility was clean and comfortable, and staff was friendly and professional.

    -Suzanne V.

  • The Balance Team is friendly and professional. Balance is conveniently located in College Park. There is plenty of parking. The online reservation system is easy to use and will send reminders about an upcoming appointment. I signed up for a membership (optional) in order to take advantage of the discounted pricing (competitive for the area). There is a lot of flexibility in regard to scheduling. 5 stars!

    -Kir N., Orlando

  • Clean. Efficient. Wonderful office staff. Great automated reminders.

    -Regina S.