sarah-headshot-cropSarah Lord, LMT

Senior Advanced Therapist Sarah Lord has been practicing massage therapy since 2009. She graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in Maitland, Florida, and lives by the Golden Rule both personally and professionally. “I try to treat everyone with respect and if I can’t help them resolve their issue I will refer them elsewhere,” she explains.

Path to the Profession

Sarah came to the profession through multiple inspirations. When she was in high school, she had a cousin practicing massage therapy in Utah. Later, when Sarah, who is also a fine artist, was injured while doing faux finish art work for a residential client, she found some relief in a chair massage. She recognized the value in massage as a therapeutic option, and decided to pursue training.

Tenure at Balance Orlando

Sarah has been working at Balance Orlando since she became licensed as a massage therapist, and specializes in lymphatic treatments. Through these treatments she significantly reduced a client’s recovery time from Lyme disease. She was able to get off of her meds far sooner than usual and get on with her life and move away with her husband. “I have another lymphatic client with severe scarring due to cancer and radiation treatments, who has seen increased range of motion along with new tissue growth and healing,” she says.

Sarah gave Cranialsacral treatments to  a client who had not been sleeping well for months. After one session with her, he said that for the following two weeks he slept deeply and peacefully every night.

Sarah is proud to work at a massage clinic that’s 100% focused on real bodywork. As she puts it: “We are very professional yet maintain a friendly environment. We’re like a big family that strives for excellence.” Her main message to clients about Balance Orlando: “There’s no fluff here.”

Client Testimonials

“Sarah really worked out all of the kinks in my neck, back and shoulders. Wonderful all-over massage. She was so good that I signed up for a membership.”
– Vicky M., February 2016