Pardon Our Dust — New Scheduling System

sorry baby picWe’re very sorry that for the next few days, the online scheduling system might still have a few glitches.

Please call us under 407 704 8867 to schedule or change appointments if you have any questions or concerns. 

You can always leave a voicemail and we’ll call back during office hours.

Please tell us about your experience! Just email Lu directly:, she will make sure to make it right if you experience any problems, if there are misunderstandings, and especially if there is a scheduling mistake.

Thank you so much for understanding. We hope you’ll be very happy with the new system, and our app!

Don’t hesitate to tell us what should be changed! Especially while setting up a new system, we need feedback to ensure the best client experience for the future. We won’t think of you as a complainer–we’ll think of you as someone who truly cares about Balance Orlando.

Thank you so much.


Lu, Niki, and the Balance Orlando team

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