Pain Plan: use therapeutic massage with the best results and save money!

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Research by the VA is showing (again!) that massage therapy helps with pain--not only particular cases of back pain, but ANY pain. Probably that’s due to the effects on hormonal and nervous system regulation that go way beyond pure relaxation.

So how can you get your pain treated most effectively, if you’re not sure what treatment works for you?


At Balance Orlando, that’s why we have a “Consultation & Tryout”. You can use this special offer with each new therapist (only Lu doesn’t offer these, but with her you can get a “First Visit”).

Your best strategy is to try a few different therapists, then work with the one who gave you relief with the trial.

So if, for example, your pain went away for two days after some “heavy handed TLC” by George, and then slowly crept back in, it’s best to get another treatment, even if it’s just a half hour, BEFORE you’re all the way back to square one. With the next treatment, results typically last much longer. Then again, you go back while still feeling the effects.

After about three sessions, you can space appointments out to two weeks, eventually only once per month.

The key is just to have a higher frequency in the beginning. This doesn’t mean you have to come in once per week for ever — usually only three or four times, and you’ll see your pain stays away much longer.

A good treatment plan is the following:

First:      Consultation & Tryout         ($75)

Next:      Sixpack of short sessions to address the local problem ($275) over 6-8 weeks (first weekly or twice a week, then spacing appointments out more and more, however long results last).

Maintenance:      Membership to receive a massage every month ($83.30 monthly, commitment for 6 months).

You’re in great hands for 8 months, for a total of $819.80.
We can’t bill insurance, but if you compare this with even just the cost of copay, you might save a lot of money and get better, long-lasting results.

This approach is great when you have pain related to temporary problems.

If you have a permanent structural issue that causes your pain, if you feel that you have “bad posture” schedule your “Consultation & Tryout” with Sondra, our Rolfer. A Ten Series (ten sessions planned in advance) of Rolfing can permanently change your posture and movement towards effortless grade.

You learn to use gravity as a support, instead of a hindrance.

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