We hope this message finds you healthy and safe in this time of uncertainty. Our team is committed to creating a safe environment for our clients as well as our staff. The following are the steps we are taking, and that we are asking you to take, to minimize our risks of transferring the Covid-19 virus.

Arriving for your Session

  1. If you are sick or showing symptoms, please don’t come in. If therapists are showing symptoms, we will contact you to not come in. We can reschedule for 14 days later, or when appropriate. 
  2. Please wear a mask. The therapists and the office staff will also wear a mask. This makes exposure from breathing out less likely. If you do not have your own mask, we are happy to provide you with one –  we have masks available at the front desk.
  3. When you arrive, park and let us know by text 407 543-1470 or phone call 407 704-8867 that you are here. We will come to your car to pick you up. Our staff will open the doors for you, so you don’t have to touch the door handle.
  4. All the surfaces that clients and therapists might touch will be cleaned between the sessions.
  5. Therapists thoroughly wash hands using the 20-second protocol before greeting you.

If you are new to Balance Orlando please fill out this intake form prior to your appointment.

Before your Session

  1. Feel free to use the restroom. It will be cleaned between clients including all handles, surfaces, and the faucet.
  2. You will have the usual check in conversation with your therapist to find out how you have been and to set the goals for the session.
  3. When you are ready to transition to table work, the therapist will either step behind the screen or leave the room to let you get ready in privacy. The therapist will use hand sanitizer or alcohol solution to disinfect her or his hands before starting to work. 
  4. The session will proceed as usual, with the exception that both the therapist and you will be wearing masks. When you are face-down on the table, you can remove your mask since you’ll be breathing straight down to the floor. Your therapist will keep a mask on the whole time.

After your Session

  1. Upon completion of the post-session assessments, the therapist will either leave the room or step behind the screen while you dress.
  2. As we move to the front office or to your car, the therapist will open and close all the doors. 
  3. We are encouraging remote or touchless methods of payments. However, we can use the credit card swiping system. It will be cleaned after every use. You can already get into your car and hand your card to the therapist for processing.
  4. After you depart, we will clean the treatment room and all other areas you and the therapist have touched. We use 70% alcohol solution for most surfaces, definitely all door handles. If you are interested, we are happy to share our office cleaning protocol.