Powers and Ristorcelli Content AgencyMimi Ravndal, LMT

Senior Advanced Therapist Mimi Ravndal has been practicing massage therapy since 2006. She graduated with a BA in Physical Education from Florida State University then continued her education at Florida College of Natural Health in medical massage.

Path to the Profession

Mimi grew up competing with elite gymnasts and learned at an early age the importance of muscle movement, body awareness and body mechanics. She continued to hone these skills dancing with and eventually leading a top national dance team. She understands the wide spectrum of muscle movement and stress the body undergoes while training and the compounding factors that accompany an athletic ways of life.

“I have always had a love for the human body and its capacity to move, and I’ve always been fascinated with how our bodies are connected, not only with the physical attributes but with how bodies become aware of their surroundings as well as what we are asking of them,” she says.

Her focus on the body’s mechanics is what draws her to this field of work, and helping clients understand body awareness is one of the key points she emphasizes in sessions with clients. Mimi also learns from each session, and feels that each session molds her into a better therapist.

Tenure at Balance Orlando

Mimi has been with Balance Orlando for 9 years and appreciates the diversity offered by the team of therapists. “All of the therapists are advanced in their training and each of us have different strengths. This leads to tailored care for our clients. We communicate often, and refer clients to one another based on the clients’ needs, looking to giving the best therapeutic work possible,” she explains.

Recognizing and respecting the connections throughout the body are some of the many issues Mimi addresses with her clients.  She tailors each treatment to ensure the client’s needs are met and treats each session as a chance to educate the body. Whether the treatment plan calls for separating tissue, creating space between muscles, or “unsticking” fascia or nerves from impingement, Mimi integrates multiple modalities to accomplish relief and results. These modalities include neuromuscular work, my-mobilization/reeducation, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, and myofascial work, among others. Not only is the treatment an education for the client, but Mimi takes the time to learn about each client and their situation, thus optimizing results.

Mimi’s main message to clients: “Everything is connected and body awareness is key!”

Client Testimonials

“I will definitely recommend Balance. It is unlike any other place to get a massage. Mimi listens to the issue and then makes it a point to solve the problem. I had gone to doctors and had xrays and scans with no luck at finding the source of the pain and then I went to Mimi and she solved the problem in just a few sessions. After the first session I felt as though she had solved it completely but I went back to make sure it would remain at bay and by the third session I am positive I am back to 100%. I should have started with Mimi.”
– Jennifer Ottinger, March 2016