Our experienced massage therapists and bodyworkers adjust their treatments to your needs.

Deep tissue massage is not a specialty for us.

Every massage at Balance includes deep tissue techniques unless you ask for a different modality.

Check out the bio pages for each therapist to understand their practice and philosophy.

We are often available the same day, seven days a week. Just give us a call (407) 704-8867 or schedule online.

No time? You can get very efficient bodywork in just the half hour you spare off your lunch break. Our Comfort Craft tables help stretch your back and shoulders and we know how to loosen the tense spots

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Lu Mueller-Kaul, Rolfing® Structural Integration & Rolf Movement Practitioner

Advanced Certified Rolfer™ and Balance’s founder, Lu Mueller-Kaul is also a board-approved provider for continuing education for massage therapists in Florida and a highly skilled body worker.

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Sondra Warner, Rolfing® Structural Integration & Rolf Movement Practitioner.
Lead Senior Therapist, Level 3

Sondra has a passion for helping people through massage therapy, yoga, and fitness. She has hundreds of hours in training as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and fitness connoisseur. Her prior life as a corporate accountant shows in her analytical approach to massage treatments.

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Tony Patlyek, LMT
Senior Therapist Level 3

Tony’s array of therapeutic techniques focuses on helping his clients live more comfortably and more aware in their own bodies. He is a graduate of Anthem College in Orlando, Florida, and has worked at Balance Orlando since September 2012.

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Meegan Descheneaux, LMT
Senior Therapist Level 3

Meegan has a passion for guiding people to sense real change in their bodies and to live the active, healthy life they deserve, and will use every tool she has learned to help you thrive.

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James Rosemellia, LMT
Advanced Therapist, Level 2

James is an expert in Trigger Point therapy, sports therapist, and combines intuitive abilities with his education in massage therapy.

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Candice Swingle LMT
Candice Swingle, LMT
General Therapist, Level 1

Candice’s lifelong passions include social and public health, including complementary medicine, helping to better the environment and the communities within it.

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Brianna Evans
Brianna Evans, LMT
Advanced Therapist, Level 2

Brianna joined the Balance Orlando team back in 2022.

Studying under our Senior Advanced Therapists, Brianna trained to execute myofascial mobilization techniques, cupping therapy, TMJ treatment, assisted stretching and more.

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Drew Rollins is a highly skilled massage therapist who recently joined our esteemed team at Balance Orlando. With a strong educational background in working with children with autism, Drew has gained valuable insights into the transformative potential of physical touch, particularly in high-stress situations.

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