Lordosis: Beyond Swayback


Is what you’re referring to lordosis, or hyperlordosis?

Lordosis actually is the normal curvature of the lower back and the neck.

Most often when people speak of lordosis as a problem causing lower back pain, they mean excessive lordosis: an exaggerated curvature of the lower back. It’s what people also call “swayback.”

Usually excessive lordosis comes with tight and short hip flexor muscles, weak abdominals, and painfully tight muscles in the low back, glutes,hamstrings. The resulting stiffness in the lower back hinders hydration for the discs between the vertebrae and can lead to disc degeneration.

 Hyperlordosis can be treated with myofascial release and targeted exercises, and studies since 1988 have shown that Rolfing® Structural Integration is especially useful in lengthening the lower back.

At Balance, we determine in a free consultation how best to address a specific case of lordosis, since treatment differs depending on age and fitness.

If you are in severe pain, please see a medical doctor first!


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