LMT Tony Demonstrates Myofacial Release Techniques w/ Video

Massage Therapist Tony Myofascial Release Technique Video

Learn about Myofascial Release from one of our beloved therapist, Tony, as he talks about helping clients with posture by using very specific and well demonstrated techniques.

Watch Massage Therapist, Tony, Explain Myofacial Therapy

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Our massage therapists at Balance Orlando have different specializations in working with the myofascia, which is the tissue surrounding and separating different layers of muscle, tendons, ligaments and organs. What’s the difference to other massage techniques? Most massage as you receive in a spa setting is working directly on the muscles or even just the skin layers. In a clinical setting, with trigger point treatments, spots within the muscle are treated directly. Myofascial work goes BETWEEN the muscles in order to open space and mobility. This way not only the fascia layers can glide effortlessly, also small nerve branches can be freed from impingement. Trigger points release not directly in myofascial work, more as a side effect, as a result from the freedom of movement. Results regarding range of motion are often permanent, which is the biggest advantage of myofascial work.

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