James Rosemellia, LMT, MA78850

Advanced Therapist, Level 2

Trigger Point Sports Massage

• Deep Tissue • Assisted Stretching •

James Rosemellia LMT

James, a native of Hollywood, FL, discovered his passion for helping people relieve pain and lead enriching lives through self-healing. After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health, he became an expert in Trigger Point therapy, sports therapy, and massage techniques. With over nine years of experience, he has mastered the art of therapeutic massage and brings together intuitive abilities with a solid education to provide exceptional care to his clients.

In 2022, James joined Balance Orlando, where he found the perfect platform to further develop his skills and collaborate with like-minded professionals. He is renowned for his unique approach, which combines a deep understanding of anatomy with an instinctive sense of the body’s needs. Clients trust in his ability to bring relief from chronic pain, enhance performance, and promote emotional well-being.

Beyond his professional pursuits, James actively advocates for holistic health practices and self-care. He participates in workshops and wellness seminars, inspiring others to embrace a holistic approach to wellness. James’ dedication to his craft and genuine compassion make him a sought-after massage therapist, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves.