How Does Rolfing Work?

We have a lot of interested customers asking us how Rolfing works. So how does Rolfing work?

Humans, like all creatures, have a body structure that works most efficiently when properly aligned to its original specifications. However, because of work and life’s routines, we put our bodies through repetitive motions on a daily basis that distort that proper alignment, or we spend too much time in the same position. The hands-on treatment during a Rolfing session loosens restrictions in the soft tissues and leads to more mobility. Better range of motion is typically permanent!

What makes Rolfing unique among other approaches is the additional education of posture and movement patterns. Clients gain a lot of detailed awareness of how they orient themselves in space due to the sensory feedback during the hands-on work, but also because they feel different afterward.

Because of this combination of movement education and myofascial bodywork, Rolfing clients improve their overall state of wellbeing, move better and more effectively, and find it easy to have good posture without strain. The biggest benefit of working with a Certified Rolfer through a series of treatments (typically ten sessions with a couple of follow-ups), is that clients improve themselves for years after, without any further treatments.

If you’re not sure whether Rolfing is right for you, you can schedule a Consultation & Tryout appointment with us for just $75. That gives you time to talk to a therapist, learn more about their style of work, and receive a short test treatment. Rolfing does work best in a series of 10 sessions.

Check out our YouTube channel for a fully documented rolfing series.

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