Got Neck Pain? We’ve Got Neck Stretches.


Stretches for Neck Pain

Over the long run, stretching and strength training for your neck will provide the most sustained benefit when it comes to keeping the pain away.

To ease your neck pain, you will want to begin with a series of gentle, slow range of motion exercises, moving your neck up and down, side to side, and ear to ear.

Be sure not to over-stretch when you are experiencing neck pain—if it hurts, don’t do it! Just go as far as you can without triggering the pain.

These simple stretches, designed to be easy enough to do at your desk, are a great place to start.

Can massage help my neck pain?

Current scientific research indicates more and more about how massage therapy can help to ease neck pain. Most recently, a March 2014 study published in the Annals of Family Medicine suggested that neck pain patients showed the most improvement by getting one hour of massage three times per week over the course of one month.

According to Karen Sherman, the author of the study, “people getting massage three times a week were almost five times as likely to have a clinically meaningful (meaning important or noticeable) improvement in function and over twice as likely to report a clinically meaningful decrease in pain” as compared to those who got no massage.

However, the study also noted the importance of treatment by a professional massage therapist—if done incorrectly by a significant other or friend, massage may cause muscle tightening and spasm.

Resolving Neck Pain in Central Florida

If you have been experiencing neck pain as a result of a strain, sprain, or injury, book a consultation with any of the experienced massage therapists at Balance’s College Park treatment center.

Is your neck sore to the touch?

Do you need deep massage work? One of our experienced massage therapists will be happy to help you.

Are you worried about having someone manipulate your neck? Book a bodywork consultation with Sondra. That way, you can experience what the therapists at Balance can do for you, without needing to commit to a full treatment session.

All of our therapists are qualified to address your neck pain needs, and will be happy to provide you with stretching routine recommendations to maintain and strengthen your neck health.

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