george-headshot-cropGeorge Engelhard, LMT, AP

Advanced Therapist George Engelhard is a master craftsman with over 40 years in the practice of massage therapy. He is also a licensed Acupuncture Physician with a Master’s of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. He has taken numerous training classes in a wide variety of healing therapies and incorporates what he’s learned into every massage he gives. He’s been working at Balance Orlando since 2012.

Path to the Profession

George was first inspired to become a massage therapist in 1976, when he and some friends were exchanging massages and everyone wanted to trade with him. He was recognized for his natural talent for massage/bodywork, and became licensed after completing a program at the American Institute of Massage in Gainesville, Florida. Since then, he has given over 20,000 massages and over 300 Chinese medical treatments.

As a 2011 graduate of an intense, master’s level study of Chinese medicine, George is fluent in the history and practice of acupuncture, herbology, Chinese bodywork, and homeopathy. He has also completed additional studies in the application of Chinese medicine to sports performance and rehabilitation.

George has an intuitive ability to efficiently and effectively bring deep levels of relaxation and rehabilitation to his clients, and to greatly increase performance in whatever sport they participate in.

Client Satisfaction

He recently received a note from horseback rider Regina M. Sacha-Ujczo, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist:

I just had to write and tell you that the day after my massage with you proved amazing!   It was the first day in a month that my left leg was not hurting down the entire leg and causing me to limp! Wow! I really needed that stretching and psoas work. Thanks so much for the difference you make in the world. My world.

George’s defining message to patients? “I will give you the most thorough treatment you have ever had.”