Emily Scherer, LMT

Advanced Therapist Emily Scherer 
is a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast with a passion for Massage Therapy.
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Path to the Profession

Emily has always been good at massage; when friends would ask, she would rub their backs and was always glad to help. After completing her degree at Valencia with a focus in psychology and education, she learned about massage therapy certification. When she went to Everest University to see their program, she fell in love. Emily is very hands-on and she loved that what she learned in the lecture hall she could practice in the lab. She graduated in 2008 and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2009.

Tenure at Balance Orlando

Emily has gained invaluable experience in multiple massage modalities through practical work in various massage clinics, including three years of work in a chiropractic office. She says, “In my time practicing massage therapy, I realized one very important factor: no two clients have the same concerns, and no two clients respond the same way to treatment. My experience has helped hone my attention to detail and to my clients’ specific needs.”

Emily was thrilled to join the Balance team in 2017, as she believes Balance is the best place to get massage in Central Florida. She appreciates Balance’s attention to quality, commitment to the craft and to providing excellent service, along with our established reputation. Emily is excited to work in a clinic where she can further develop her skills and continue to learn from her colleagues, knowing that they share her high standards.

Client Testimonials

“Emily S. does an awesome job! I’ve had so much tension in my neck and lower back from years or mis-use. Emily not only does a great job working out the kinks and knots. She goes above and beyond with education, to make sure you don’t just slip back to where you were before you came in. Its honestly changed the way I use my body. It keeps me coming back!” Dennis H, 2018

“Just had an amazing massage from Emily. She not only released the pain in my neck and back, she was able to provide me with a range of motion that I have not had in years. Emily gave me advice as to how to best keep my body from getting muscle knots and tightness. I am on vacation from New York, but wish that I lived in town so that I could get more regularly scheduled massages from Emily!” – Maureen C

“I was on vacation from Philadelphia and decided to get a massage. I must say that this was the best massage that I’ve ever had. Emily was very knowledgeable and found all my knots and tight areas. I’ve been in a car accident a couple years ago that has really tightened up my shoulders and back VERY much. This was the most therapeutic massage that I’ve had and a get massages regularly back home. Thanks so much I’ll be back!!!!” – Richard P