Drew Rollins, LMT General Therapist, Level 1

General Therapist Balance Orlando

Drew Rollins is a highly skilled massage therapist who recently joined our esteemed team at Balance Orlando. With a strong educational background in working with children with autism, Drew has gained valuable insights into the transformative potential of physical touch, particularly in high-stress situations.
His expertise lies in utilizing massage techniques to effectively alleviate anxiety, soothe emotional distress, and mitigate pain resulting from overuse or traumatic incidents.
Drew’s personal journey toward embracing the healing power of massage and bodywork stems from his own experience with a severe car accident, subsequent surgeries, and intensive physical therapy. This life-altering event ignited his passion for utilizing therapeutic touch to promote wellness and recovery. Recognizing the profound impact he could make, Drew made the pivotal decision to transition from the field of education to pursue a fulfilling career in massage therapy.

As a specialist in deep tissue work, Drew skillfully employs deliberate, methodical strokes to address pain and release tension in the myofascial tissue, offering profound relief to his discerning clients. His dedication to his craft is evident through his ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise. Currently, Drew is actively engaged in expanding his repertoire by studying under our senior advanced therapists, with a focus on incorporating additional modalities such as stretch therapy and cupping. This commitment to professional growth ensures that Drew remains at the forefront of cutting-edge techniques, consistently delivering unparalleled care to his clients.

Drew Rollins’s unwavering dedication to his clients’ well-being, coupled with his unwavering pursuit of excellence, makes him a valuable asset to our team at Balance Orlando. We are confident that his unique skill set and compassionate approach will contribute significantly to the holistic healing experiences of those seeking his expertise.