massage therapy college park floridaWe invite you to learn more about the services, opportunities and rewards available at Balance Orlando. Contact us if you have a question, would like further information, or will like to schedule an appointment with one of our massage therapists. One of our friendly staff members will reply to your message as soon as possible.

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    Balance Orlando

    • 1220 Edgewater Drive, #7
      Orlando, FL 32804
    • (407) 704-8867

    Business Hours

    • Monday: 8AM-8PM
    • Tuesday: 8AM-8PM
    • Wednesday: 9AM-8PM
    • Thursday: 8AM-8PM
    • Friday: 8AM-8PM
    • Saturday: 9AM-5PM
    • Sunday: 9AM - 7PM

    Our Location

    Located in a blue "L" shaped office strip at the corner of Edgewater Drive and Maxwell Street in the south end of College Park's Shopping District. Near Orlando's Lake Adair, 3/4 of a mile north of Colonial Drive (SR 50).

    From Colonial Drive:

    Edgewater Drive is located at the traffic light just east of Parramore on Colonial. Turn north (you can only go north) on to Edgewater Drive. Maxwell St will be the seventh (7th) street on the left (3 streets after Lake Adair).

    From North Edgewater Drive:

    Head South on Edgewater, past Princeton Street. The second (2nd) traffic light after Princeton St. is Dartmouth. Maxwell St. will be the seventh (7th) street on the right, after Dartmouth.

    Coming from I-4 East-bound (heading away from the attractions and towards Daytona Beach):

    Take exit #83A, Amelia St. Continue forward through the Amelia St intersection staying in one of the two left lanes till you reach the next traffic light, W. Colonial Drive (SR 50). Turn left onto to W. Colonial Dr and get into the right lane. Turn right (north) onto Edgewater Drive. Follow the From Colonial Drive directions the rest of the way.

    Coming from I-4 West-bound (heading away from Daytona and towards the attractions):

    Take exit #85, Princeton St. Turn right (west) on to Princeton St. The first traffic light after the road divides into a one-way street is Edgewater Drive. Turn left on to Edgewater Drive. Follow the From North Edgewater directions the rest of the way.