Bodywork or Massage?

Should I ask for a Bodywork or Massage?

You know how a massage session usually goes? The therapist leaves you in the room by yourself, and you undress, then crawl between the sheets before they come back in and start the work.

You can do that differently with our therapists: Book your massage as usual, but tell them you want a bodywork session.

Here’s a video I made to show the difference:

I hope that makes it clear! So when you meet with your therapist, you can say you’d like a bodywork session instead of the massage-type framework.

It’s best to come in a pair of sports shorts, and women with a comfortable bra or swimsuit top that allows lying on the side without being covered by a sheet. You can also leave a loose tank top on.

No worries if you’re coming directly from work–we have bandeau bras and sports shorts available, just ask your therapist.

A bodywork session makes it much easier to address specific issues because the therapist can do an evaluation and work on you in different positions, (like sitting or lying on the side) without having to worry about the sheets. The manual therapy is done without or just very little creme, so you don’t get oily, and it’s possible to work deeply without slipping.

And the best part: when you get off the table, the therapist is still in the room, so you can talk about exercises or have them work on a little problem you notice when moving around.

A massage session means you stay on the table while the therapist is in the room, and you’re covered by a sheet the whole time. A bodywork session is more interactive, and you wear light clothing so you can move around.

Either way, therapists at Balance Orlando work with medical manual therapy techniques to address specific problems, especially regarding pain and range of motion.

Just look over to find the therapist you want to work with.

Go to, choose that therapist, the length of session you’re looking for, and book the appointment–you can discuss details when you meet. So if you want a bodywork session with Tony, you can just book “60-min massage”, but you put in the notes or tell him that you’d like a bodywork session.

When we roll out the new scheduling system, it’s just going to be called “60-min session” to avoid further confusion. For now please just hang in there with us, we’re working hard on transferring all our records (whew…. we have a lot).

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