How To Ease The Pain of Sciatica


If you are experiencing severe sciatic pain, especially weakness in the leg, please see a medical doctor before pursuing alternative treatments. What can I do to ease the pain of sciatica? Physicians may prescribe a range of medicines to ease the symptoms of the pain of sciatica, including anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, narcotics, and even some low-grade […]

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Lordosis: Beyond Swayback


Is what you’re referring to lordosis, or hyperlordosis? Lordosis actually is the normal curvature of the lower back and the neck. Most often when people speak of lordosis as a problem causing lower back pain, they mean excessive lordosis: an exaggerated curvature of the lower back. It’s what people also call “swayback.” Usually excessive lordosis comes with […]

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Sciatica Pain: A One-Sided Problem

According to a Harvard health report, back pain afflicts four out of five Americans at some point in their lives. Many of these people experience sciatica, a term often used synonymously with “back pain,”  but which is actually not a condition on its own. Rather, sciatica pain is a collection of symptoms which result from […]

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Frozen Shoulder: Who Gets Adhesive Capsulitis, and What To Do About It


Frozen Shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a temporary but painful condition of the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder occurs when the capsule of connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint thickens and tightens around the joint, restricting its movement. Symptoms such as pain, stiffening, and decreased range of motion begin gradually and eventually diminish. Without treatment, the […]

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