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Consultation & Try Out

Check out our current pricing below. Members receive a 15% discount on each session.


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What is a BALANCE MEMBERSHIP and how does it work?

  • One-month commitment followed by a month-to-month plan.
  • Convenient 15% discount on each session.
  • Automatic payments are charged on the 1st of every month for hassle-free subscription maintenance.
  • Versatility in choosing a membership for any therapist level.
  • Freedom to receive sessions from practitioners that best suit your needs and preferences.
  • Flexibility in selecting session length to align with your wellness goals.
  • Rollover credits, allowing unused session credits to accumulate and be used in subsequent months.
  • Shareable memberships, enabling members to extend their privileges to friends and family.

Which level of therapist is the best fit for me?

CONSULTATION & TRYOUT: In this 60-minute session, you’ll receive a personalized 15-minute consultation with one of our skilled massage therapists to discuss your specific concerns. After that, enjoy a 45-minute hands-on experience with the therapist to see if they’re the right fit for your needs. Many clients experience results after just this first session. You can expect to be given recommendations of which modalities may help in your specific goals, a customized plan to help you reach your goals, and a high quality experience. We recommend that you take advantage of this offer. It can be used once with each therapist. This means you can sample different therapists, modalities, and more to personally see what you and your body best resonate with.

LEVEL 1: GENERAL THERAPISTS: Our licensed GT’s undergo Balances’ rigorous bodywork training, thoughtfully paired with senior mentors to acquire advanced techniques. This guarantees their growth and proficiency, offering clients remarkable massage experiences at a more accessible investment without compromising on quality.

LEVEL 2: ADVANCED THERAPISTS: Our advanced massage therapists have underwent our internal rigorous bodywork and therapeutic massage training as well as hold additional certifications and experience in working with clinics who are seeking relief from chronic pain, improving mobility, and more. With unwavering dedication, they deliver unparalleled therapeutic experiences to our valued clients.

LEVEL 3: SENIOR ADVANCED THERAPISTS: Our senior advanced therapists, boast years of experience and exceptional backgrounds in aspects of advanced bodywork, therapeutic massage, and movement re-education. Our senior therapists have mastered our internal training, have years of hands-on experience, and have shown to exceed expectations in managing clients with more complex situations and goals.

LEVEL 4: ROLFING: Our Rolfers undergo rigorous training at the esteemed Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, specializing in Structural Integration. With hundreds of hours of mastering therapeutic massage, bodywork, and holistic education, they offer a unique blend of manual therapy and movement pattern reeducation to realign structure and enhance well-being. Perfect for clients seeking powerful results and long lasting changes in their body, posture, and way of viewing movement that are especially customized to your body, lifestyle, and ability. Rolfing is usually done over a series of session but touch-up sessions are available as well.