Author: Lu Mueller-Kaul

Massage or Bodywork

You know how a massage session usually goes? The therapist leaves you in the room by yourself, and you undress, then crawl between the sheets before they come back in and start the work. You can do that differently with our therapists: Book your massage as usual, but tell them you want a bodywork session. […]

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What’s the Balance Orlando Difference? We’re Definitely Not A Spa.

You may have already read about the Balance Orlando difference, and how we target pain through medical massage and bodywork. And you may have heard us say “we’re not a spa” or “discover the difference!” But what actually makes us different from other places where you can get a massage? Let’s start with equipment: 1. ComfortCraft tables  Jim Craft is […]

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12-Step Protocol for Healing Muscle Strains

Strains and sprains take time to repair, and can easily become chronically recurring injuries. So don’t ignore them, make sure they heal well the the first time. Follow the steps carefully, and move backwards in the sequence if symptoms recur. Please see a doctor if you’re in severe pain, or if you don’t get better. […]

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Lu’s Tips For Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Balance Orlando owner and certified Rolfer™ Lu Mueller-Kaul shares her tips for treating plantar fasciitis, gleaned from years of helping clients with this chronic foot condition. Want to know how to treat your feet? Read on. 1. For Plantar Fasciitis, Rest is Required This might mean taking it easy for a couple of days when […]

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Lower Back Pain: Who Gets It And Why?

Lower back pain is such a common affliction that, according to the NIH (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases), nearly 8 in 10 Americans are affected at some point in their lives. Along with acute or chronic pain, symptoms can include limited flexibility and range of motion, as well as an inability […]

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Shin Splints: Our Massage Therapist’s Take


You know the basics about shin splints; now read up on Balance Orlando’s own Mimi Ravndal‘s best practices for alleviating pain and healing this common injury. Although you can get shin splints from one über-intense bout of exercise, they occur more often as a repetitive injury that continues over the course of several exercise sessions. Once […]

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Lymphedema: This Condition Needs A Light Touch

Lymphedema is swelling, usually in the arms or legs, due to a blockage of the lymph passages. The lymph passages are defined as “vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body, and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed.” Lymphedema caused by lymphatic obstruction is most often found in individuals who have […]

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Pardon Our Dust — New Scheduling System

We’re very sorry that for the next few days, the online scheduling system might still have a few glitches. Please call us under 407 704 8867 to schedule or change appointments if you have any questions or concerns.  You can always leave a voicemail and we’ll call back during office hours. Please tell us about […]

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Shin Splints: Fast Facts


What are shin splints? Let us educate you: *The term “shin splints” is used loosely to refer to pain in the shin area. *Shin splints usually involve inflammation stemming from repetitive overuse injuries to the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the shinbone. *“Repetitive overuse injury” means you keep wiping your shin muscles out each time […]

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