Arthurnewheadshot2Arthur Gillespie, Certified Rolfer™, LMT

Arthur Gillespie has been Rolfing® since 2010. He graduated from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration inBoulder, Colorado, and approaches his work from a foundation of competitive sports, resistance stretching and restorative yoga.

Path to the Profession

Arthur’s interest in Rolfing developed in 2003 when he took a sabbatical from work and moved to San Diego to learn resistance stretching from Bob Cooley (founder of Meridian Stretching). Arthur saw first hand how removing dense fascial adhesions and scar tissue increased range of motion and muscle elasticity and improved circulation, lymphatic flow and elasticity. It was from this amazing experience that he learned about fascia and its importance to graceful movement, posture and well being. Arthur’s stay in San Diego awakened my desire to pursue a career in health and wellness.

Tenure at Balance Orlando

Arthur joined the Balance Orlando team in December, 2017. He first met Lu while studying at The Rolf Institute in 2009. He responded to her advertisement at The Rolf Institute for a Rolfer to practice at Balance Orlando. Eight years later, Arthur was excited to work in Orlando with Lu where he brings his skills not only in Rolfing but yin yoga, corrective posture exercises and resistance stretching.

Arthur’s main message to his clients: “Movement is LIFE!”

Client Testimonials

“I am truly impressed with Arthur as a person as well as his dedication to, and passion for, his work.  My Rolfing was spectacular.” – J.K., 2018

“I had a great experience with relief on my first appt. Arthur is the Greatest! I was contemplating surgery for compartment syndrome but I now realize my muscles were tight and out of place. Seriously, one appt and I have not had any pain in my shins and can tell  am walking better in alignment. I believe so much in Arthur I paid for 6 wks up front…. ” – Sabrina L, 2018

“As a practitioner of massage therapy, I was not sure what rolfing involved.  However, Arthur took his time during the session explaining each technique he was using.  My session focused primarily on my lower back and right shoulder.  I was very sore, and my range of motion was very restricted before relaxing on Arthur’s table. By the time the session was over, not only had my range of motion in my shoulder returned to 100%, but I was in absolutely no pain.  I remained pain-free for weeks, and I attribute this to Arthur’s intuition, experience and know-how.  During no part of the session was I uncomfortable.  I felt totally at ease with allowing Arthur to “control” my body during the session. I sincerely and without reservation recommend Arthur and his magical hands to everyone, especially massage therapists, as his ability, patience and professionalism is surpassed only by his outgoing and inspirational personality.” – Ken Ruggiero, LMT January 2014