We're different. And that's why we're better.

The Balance Orlando experience offers specialized, therapeutic treatments targeted to your body’s needs.


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Why Choose Us?

1. All of our therapists have advanced qualifications and we have virtually no turnover. They have been trained and mentored by the best of the best, including Balance’s owner, Lu Mueller-Kaul.

2. Lu, our exceptionally educated and experienced owner, has spent more than 20 years studying alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, various types of bodywork and massage therapy, and ran her own office as a naturopathic physician in Germany. Learn more about Lu here.

3. Our knowledgeable office staff can help make recommendations based on your concerns, your experience, and your preferences.

4. All of our Advanced Therapists offer a Consultation and Try-Out session (C&T). You’ll get a 15 minute consultation and a 30 minute treatment. This is a great opportunity to meet the therapist, learn about the specific modalities they offer, and how they might be able to help you.

5. Appointments are available seven days a week (including Sundays) and many holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year’s Day)!

Interested In A 15% Discount?

Sign up for a Balance Membership and commit to paying for a 60-minute or 90-minute massage treatment once every month for at least 6 months. You’ll receive the special members’ only price on all your massage treatments. Learn more here.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Receptionist was awesome. Therapist was on time and was very helpful in getting out all the aches and pains.

    -Sundeep R.

  • Your service, professionalism, and skills continue to impress! I saw Tony last night and received the perfect massage for the tendinitis I am experiencing in my left arm/hand. He is a talented therapist and his gentle care is appreciated. Your team is great! Reception always greets me warmly and rooms are clean and neat.

    -Alicia Culp

  • Emily S. does an awesome job! I've had so much tension in my neck and lower back from years of mis-use. Emily not only does a great job working out the kinks and knots. She goes above and beyond with education, to make sure you don't just slip back to where you were before you came in. Its honestly changed the way I use my body. It keeps me coming back!

    -Dennis H

  • I was in constant pain in my arm, and that's gone! Tony said it would be "done in 3 sessions" and it was done in 3!

    -Gwen Reed

  • The receptionist was very friendly. Registration and check out were very efficient. Tony did an excellent job and relieved a great deal of my pain. He also recommended other practitioners that specialize in other things that could of benefit to me. Thank you so much for helping me to feel better and move better!

    -Wendy K.

  • The Balance Team is friendly and professional. Balance is conveniently located in College Park. There is plenty of parking. The online reservation system is easy to use and will send reminders about an upcoming appointment. I signed up for a membership (optional) in order to take advantage of the discounted pricing (competitive for the area). There is a lot of flexibility in regard to scheduling. 5 stars!

    -Kir N., Orlando

  • Clean. Efficient. Wonderful office staff. Great automated reminders.

    -Regina S.

  • I have been a customer here since the shop opened and I have yet to be disappointed. The atmosphere is tranquil and quiet. Prices are competitive and the session is personalized to your needs. Highly recommended!‎

    -Delwin Finch, Pastor for Web Ministries

  • I hold your practice in the highest esteem - the level of expertise, professionalism and caring is second to none!I feel lucky that you chose Orlando to set up your practice!

    -Terri Miller, Orlando

  • You crawl in...and you DANCE out! GREAT all around facility and service!!

    -Heidi Janssen, Orlando


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