Anthony Patlyek massage therapist

Anthony Patlyek, LMT

Anthony Patlyek is a graduate of Anthem College in Orlando, Florida, and has worked at Balance Orlando since September 2012. He’s been practicing therapeutic massage for four years.

Path to the Profession

People who are drawn to this profession are often personally motivated to help and heal, which is definitely the case with Tony.

“When I was young, I helped my mom when she was in pain. I massaged her to help feel better, which led me to learn at a young age that massage could really help people. As I grew older, I helped my friends with massages in their back and shoulders, which they really enjoyed,” he says. “Nine years later I met a girlfriend who later became my wife. She encouraged me to follow massage therapy, because she also believed it was something I would thrive at doing.”

Encouraged by so many loved ones to pursue massage therapy as a career, Tony registered for a massage therapy degree program and the rest is history.

Tenure at Balance Orlando

Tony loves working at Balance Orlando because “we strive to help people get back to their normal lives. We create a plan to help people obtain their goals, whether it’s becoming pain free, or maintenance of the body.”

Tony sees the benefit of being part of a team of diverse therapies because they each practice different modalities to provide a full body experience for clients. “Most of our therapists have been at Balance for years. It’s great to have such a dedicated team,” he says.

Because myofascial release (MFR) is very client led, Tony’s job is listening, and following what the client’s body is telling him it needs.

Client Satisfaction

“I had a client come in with upper neck and back pain. She stated that after our session, she was able to move around a lot better. This was the client’s first time having a Myofascial Release session, and she was sold after that!”

Tony considers the whole person, not just the body, so he often talks with his clients about topics of interest. “In this case the client with neck and back pain was only visiting, so we talked about different places to eat in Orlando. Not exactly massage-related, but the client is more than just a few body parts. They are a person who experiences life in different ways. If I can find additional ways to make the client less stressed, their body will be happier as well.”

Client Testimonials

“Balance restored . . . chakras are aligned after a 1 hour massage with Tony!  😉  I highly recommend making an appointment with Tony for a great Massage.  Tony uses a combination of massage techniques for optimal results and recovery from workouts and sitting too much at the computer! Five stars!”
– Kir N., September 2015

“It was a wonderful experience, not only did I get relief from a very tight shoulder – Tony was very knowledgeable in explaining why I was experiencing these symptoms.  I like to understand the ‘why’.”
– Joy Cassel, May 2015