April Lohne

Receptionist, since 2015

Hometown: Cocoa Beach, FL

April’s proudest achievement: “I am very proud of graduating high school and going to college. I am proud of learning another language (American Sign Language). I am proud of helping my mother battle and win against breast cancer. I am proud of living to 25 years, through depression and loss and challenges that felt too big to win at the time. I am proud of my family and friends’ accomplishments, and I am proud of their support of mine.”

Her guiding philosophy: “My mother always taught me to treat others the way you wish to be treated; I apply this is my day-to-day life, and even more so at work. I try to take a personal interest in each person that calls or walks through the door, and get them set up with the best therapist to help their specific needs. I want to make the entire experience as stress-free and simple as possible, from beginning to end. Learning their names, smiling, taking a personal interest in their lives…helps make that possible.”

The best part of her day at Balance: “When clients come back in from a session, able to roll their shoulders or bend over or just do something they couldn’t have done without pain just an hour before. I get to see the help our therapists are doing first hand, and it’s a really nice feeling. I just like helping people!”

Five words that describe April as a person and employee: “Kind, determined, confident, loyal, emotional.”



Niki Murphy

Chief Administrator, since 2012

Hometown: Ft. Myers, FL

Niki’s proudest achievement: “It’s so cliché, but it’s my kids and my family. Our family moved throughout the state of Florida 5 times in 6 years. Most times my husband would leave for our new location months before the kids and I could join him. These were some very exciting but exhausting years. I wouldn’t change any of it though. Those years helped us figure out what is important.”

Her guiding philosophy: “My own issues with chronic pain led me to Balance. I feel like I can relate to our clients, whether they have a one-time issue or they are dealing with an ongoing problem.”

The best part of her day at Balance: “I always joke with our clients that I come to work for the peace. With 2 busy kids it is hard to find quiet. Balance has a calmness to it even on our busiest days.”

Four words that describe Niki as a person and employee (she couldn’t think of a fifth!): “Loyal, direct, kind, stubborn.”