Prices for Massage Therapy and Advanced Bodywork

All of our therapists have a high level of education and experience to make sure you get great quality of work, whatever modality you prefer. Tips are appreciated, but not expected. Our therapists are paid fairly.

For new clients, each of our advanced therapists offers “Consultation & Tryout” appointments for $45. These sessions are to acquaint you with the therapists’ specialties and include a brief introductory treatment. For more information or to book your appointment, call 407-704-8867.

Our Pricelist

Balance Membership

Become a member with Balance and receive your regular massage treatments at a 15% discount!

How does this work?

  • Memberships are available for 60 minute or 90 minute massage treatments. Choose the treatment you prefer and commit to paying for one treatment once every month for six months.
  • We’ll charge your credit card on the first of each month. Charges are based on the regular price less 15% discount. ($83.30 for 60 minutes, $114.75 for 90 minutes).
  • You’ll call our office to book your appointment or schedule it online. If you are unable to schedule that particular month, your unused appointment will remain on your account, available for you to use on your next visit. You never lose your prepaid appointments.
  • Any additional treatments for members are also 15% off, whether 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute treatments.
  • You can even purchase gift certificates for family, friends, and business associates at a 15% discount!
  • After six months, your membership will be renewed automatically on a month-to-month basis until you cancel your contract.

We’re happy to discuss the program’s terms and benefits with you. Call us at (407) 704-8867 today!

Six-Pack Packages

For clients who prefer to pay up front for a series of sessions, Balance Orlando is happy to offer a six-pack option. With a six-pack, you pay for five sessions and get the sixth one free. That’s a discount of almost 17%!

How does this work?

  • Choose the six-pack that suits your needs. Pricing for six-packs with our advanced therapists is:
    • Six 30 minute sessions: $275 (you save $55)
    • Six 60 minute sessions: $490 (you save $98)
    • Six 90 minute sessions: $675 (you save $135)

Once you’ve selected your six-pack, you’ll pay the entire amount up front; there is no recurring automatic billing. Your sessions will be tracked online and by the therapist(s) who treat you. You can use your sessions quickly or take your time. See the same therapist for all six sessions, or see several. Your sessions will remain on your account available for use until you are ready: you never lose your prepaid appointments!

We’re happy to discuss the benefits of the six-pack package with you; call us at (407) 704-8867 today!