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We won another award!

With your help, we just won Watermark's Wave Award--we're the favorite massage therapy place of Orlando!

It's been our mission to provide the best massage in Orlando, and we're very grateful that after awards from Yelp and the Orlando Weekly now we also won in Watermark.

Thank you, Orlando!

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Therapeutic Massage and Structural Integration


Our therapists are educated and experienced in Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Assisted Stretching, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release and other Medical Massage Techniques.

In addition to our team of licensed massage therapists we have a Certified Rolfer™ on staff.




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Our Mission

We specialize in resolving chronic pain.

Massage Therapy and Structural Integration show great results in treating chronic pain that comes with different syndromes, conditions and diseases of the myoskeletal system.

It can be hard to find a good practitioner - most experienced therapists work by themselves and hardly advertise.

Balance's founder Lu Mueller-Kaul built a place where talented, ambitious and result-oriented therapists love to work.

Our independent therapists have a supportive environment that takes care of administration and scheduling and gives them easy access to a team of highly educated colleagues for referrals and advice.

Together, we aim for the best possible holistic health care.

Read here to see what our clients say about us.


Balance's History

Co-founders Gregg Guillemette and Lu Mueller-Kaul wanted to establish a place where skilled professionals like themselves would enjoy working.

They first met each other during the second part of their Rolfing training in 2006, and unlike most Rolfing students, they both already had more than 10 years of experience as well-educated bodyworkers.

Discussing their business experiences, conversation often turned to the problems they both observed in the massage industry. There was a lot of new information to Lu, who had just moved to the United States from Germany. The concept of a “spa” for example, was something Lu was completely unfamiliar with. In her experience in Germany, massage therapy is a health profession considered on the same level as physical therapy - in most states of the US it is something more like a hairdresser.

It soon became clear to Lu and Gregg that the kind of massage business they both wanted to work in had to do three things: 

  • clearly communicate health benefits of massage and bodywork
  • focus on helping people who are suffering from pain
  • appreciate good therapists who don't like to work for "spas"

In order to achieve these goals they opened "Balance Massage and Structural Bodywork" in September 2008.  

Since then, Gregg has relocated and opened another massage and Rolfing business while Lu carries on their original vision.

In the beginning it was only Gregg and Lu—but just a year later other massage therapists joined the team, bringing to Balance their varied and highly experienced talents.

Office manager Deb Ofsowitz was helping out a little from the beginning, but had a full-time job organizing the business starting in Spring 2009. In 2010 Balance got a new, bigger treatment room and added an administrative assistant.

The year 2011 brought even more changes to Balance. Lu had gotten so busy with her Rolfing work that she needed another office space and treatment room.

By now, we have three office administrators keeping our office open seven days a week, and our seven exceptionally skilled manual therapists are working in four treatment rooms.

We're immensely proud to offer the best massage sessions in Orlando.

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